KOHO – Piston Gas Compressors

Brand Services represents German KOHO company in Poland. German KOHO company supplies the piston gas compressors on Polish market.

  • Verctical construction, non lubricated, reciprocating process gas compressors

  • The advantage of vertical type is the extended life time of piston rings and the less wear of cylinder liners, because the weight of the piston do not burden the piston rings.


  • Hydrocarbons, noble gases, exhaust vapours, pure hydrogen, nitrogen and all process gases, even very agressive hydrosulphides with the exception of pure oxygen and acetylene.

Number of stages: 1, 2, 3 or 4
Number of cylinders: 1, 2 or 3
Suction pressure: up to 15 MPa g (for booster applications)
Discharge pressure: up to 30 MPa g
Shaft power: 10 to 500 kW
Volume flow: between 100 and 16 000 m3N/h (depending on pressure ratio)

KOHO compressor systems are designed for variable suction pressure with specifications and regulations laid down in API 618, ISO 9001, NACE, DVGW, ASME, TEMA, PED, DIN EN 729-3;AD 2000/HPO, Stoomwezen, Norske, Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd as well as special factory standards of International clients.

KOHO has special experience & know how for very aggressive gases, such as NOx and H2S for many years.

KOHO supplies the following piston gas compressors: nitrogen, hydrogen, hydrocarbon, CO2, H20, natural gas, ethylene, hydrogen sulfide etc.

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