Compressed Air Devices, Nitrogen systems, Pneumatic, Service

Brand Services cooperates with a few Polish companies as their sales agent. We supply high quality Compressed Air Devices, Nitrogen Systems, Pneumatic and Service.

Compressed Air Devices:

  • Oil-injected screw compressors;
  • Oil-injected & oil-free customized screw compressors;
  • Freon compressed air aftercooling system;
  • Satinless steel carbon adsorbers;
  • Stainless steel compressed air filters;
  • Stainless steel compressed air separators;
  • Stainless steel heat regenerated compressed air dryer;
  • Refrigerant air dryers;
  • Containerised compressor systems.

Nitrogen systems:

  • Nitrogen generators;
  • Membrane nitrogen generators;
  • Containerised nitrogen generators.

Pneumatic & compressed air installation::

We can supply different elements of pneumatic as follow:

valves, actuators, pneumatic guns, quick couplings, hoses, pumps etc. We can also make a compressed air installation & compressed air audit.


We do service & overhaul of different compressors, dryers & nitrogen generators. We do service & overhaul within the most popular brands of compressors which are on the market.

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