About company

Brand Services is a Polish Technical Consulting company. Our company was established in 2007 and from the beginning we were focused on cooperation with companies from abroad. Our purpose is to help companies from UE especially from Scandinavia and Germany in order to exist not only in Poland but also in other countries from East Europe. We cover apart from Poland also Baltic countries, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania etc. We have knowledge and experience in different consulting projects which suit to our customer’s demand. Our practical approach to each project or new subject causes that we offer added value and it gives concrete profit for our business partners from UE. We are small company but working close with customer, flexible, efficient and trying to fit our scope of services to real demands of our business partners. We are located on north Poland in Gdynia ×. This location causes that we are related to Maritime market. However we are also good at other branches of industry because of technical knowledge and experience. Apart from typical consulting services we try to help our customers in sales due to our big number of contacts. If you want to be succeed in Poland or other country of Eastern Europe we encourage to cooperation!